pic: The Rolling Control Board Of DOOM!!!!!


our rolling control board that was made out of the chassis kit in the 2007 KOP

yeah, im proud of that, it is being held up by industrial strength velcro. :smiley:

Those look like the small vex wheels and the frame of the board looks like its from the kit bot chasis, very nice. Why do you want it to roll though?

Cause it’s cool! Thats my thought anyway. Nice job.


Imagine carrying it from the pits to the field at Championship, and you might come up with an answer. :slight_smile:

Dude, just stick two Cim motors on those wheels, strap a 12v battery and an RC and a few more electronics… and you’ve got yourself a go-kart fit for trips from Pits to Field at Atlanta!

With all the new rules addons… are they even allowing powered carts in atlanta?

or are they calling those power tools too… :frowning:


well we wanted to make an awesome control board that could last practically forever, and we wanted to do something that would make it easy and cool for our drivers.:smiley: :cool:

it is beastly, isn’t it?

That OI is using industrial strength Velcro to hold on the joysticks.

(guy on the right is me)

yeah, i always forgot to talk to judges about this. but that doesnt mean im not proud of it. i thought other teams would have one also, but whatever.