pic: The saw of saws

Some team members destroyed a chopsaw so it was replaced with this monster. With a 24" blade and carbide teeth you can quickly get threw 31 solid aluminum and the piece won’t even heat up like it does on an abrasive blade. I think it has a rating for either 55 or 6*6 solid material, and that seems to be what the clamp will hold, not a blade or machine limit.

I believe this is a ‘dry cut carbide tipped blade saw’. In reality it is the best use of $500 on a saw ever.

I pushed this thing to its limits it cuts wood, plastic, delrin, wood with nails, steel, aluminum, stainless steel… the list goes on. I would recommend this saw to anyone if you have a need for a chop. This is the saw don’t waste your money on junk spend the extra cash and get a Dewalt… a product that will last you a lifetime. You can get one of these from Grainger for about 530 dollars and its well worth it. It beats any abrasive cutter out of the water and defiantly more cost efficient compared to a wet saw.

Wow, that is one awesome saw.

Now, imagine it gas powered and hand held. Now you have the concrete saw I used in Hurricane Charlie Relief. You pick it up and can feel the testosterone flowing. The torque on it felt like it would rip your arm off.

Back on topic, impressive, very very impressive.

Chris McKenzie

Yeah, we got ours from granger (they shipped in about 18 hours from order). I believe price was very similar. As for the concrete saw: I have only seen them so I can only amazing what it would be like to use one. This thing has cut everything we have ever put it in, and a I am sure it can cut plenty more.

Concrete saws are great however i see no application for them in first although one of those did make it for one great summer of fun at the lake house…:smiley:

sounds like when i broke my finger with our chop saw

ouch, you still got the finger?

yea…i still do