pic: "The Seagull"

This is a dawing of my ramp-bot idea that I have dubbed “The Seagull” for no good reason other than it is vaguely bird-like with it’s 2-stage deployable ramps on both sides of the bot.

The drawing really has no details on drivetrain, ramp deployment mechanisms, or the lift/claw/beak in the front, but I have ideas on all of these (except the lift)

I pitched this idea to my old team who went with another idea and the team I’m now mentoring were well under way with thier bot, but someone requested I draw this for them so I thought I’d throw it up on Delphi for anyone else who was interested.

I like it… im just a little skeptical on how you are going to get those wings to fold out… and how much they are going to weigh. If you can figure it out, all the more power to you.

looks really familiar:rolleyes: …oh yea we have the same idea with minor diffrences in how the arm will work. Good luck to you as we seem to be having lots of difficulty on how to power the ramps.

as tumtumice said, looks strangely familiar to me…:rolleyes:

That is a very good idea (and sketch) you have going there.

One pointer is to keep in mind the lengths of each of the ramps you are unfolding. It seems that the second stage is much shorter than the first. This can result in non-optimal ramp angles. Make sure you make your design such that it can accomidate most robots out there with about 1" of ground clearance.

Good Luck!

I’m going to quote this from the actual image because it doesn’t copy over to the thread.

This is entirely a day 1 concept (note total lack of motors nad pneumatics… and wheels) after kickoff. I just didn’t draw it as prettily on day one. (had I, maybe 1351 would have run with it :stuck_out_tongue: )

My idea was to have the 1st stage of the wings unpowered and just have some variety of release mechanism that would let them fall, then have a cable and winch system extend the ramp portion of the wings from there.

I know that it may not be the most desirable climbing angle, but staying under 4’ it’s hard to get it better.

A second idea (keeping in mind about the angle) was to have one of the wings come down to form a very long ramp then have robots drive up and over the main chassis of the “seagull” and over onto the far wing to stop there and the second ally would come to a rest on top of the actual chassis.
(another reason to put the lift crammed up into the very front of the bot)

Now, being as I’m not (and can’t) actually build this design, I’m more than glad to give any help to teams that are building it or something similar. I love to see something that I’ve concepted out on the field even if I don’t actually get to drive it.

Here on 401 we ours the Imperial Shuttle. We joked about bleeding off pneumatics to achieve the steam effect, but we may not even have pneumatics anymore. We’ll see.

This looks quite similar to what we’re doing, and the second method you described for ramps (one making a long ramp while the other side is flat) is exactly what we plan to do. The arm is quite different, but it’s in the same general area.

I hope this is a good design too; we’re banking on it!

This looks very similar to one of our early concepts, however, we decided to concentrate on our arm and add ramps later if we can. Personally, I think it is a great design, but would interfere with our arm. (Or, more specifically, one mechanism every one of our concept arm designs shared) One thought we had for powering ours was torsion springs, and have the ramps held up by a beefy pin during most of the match, which would then be pulled out via servo for deploying during the end game.

haha… it looks very familiar. lol. we plan a similar-ish design but plan to leave the center area open for our condensed arm that will fold out. For the flaps we have been doing a lot of testing with making geometric structures out of alum and doing stress tests on them. Looking good so far.

That was my idea as well. I’m really eager to see how it turns out. Curious as to how you plan to actuate everything.

… And it was my idea as well…

Is it just me or has there been a lot of this lately? I sure hope we see a lot of diversity this year…

one question, how many teams actually went with this thing

Well, I’m trying to pitch a ramp idea to my team that should be able to handle two robots in the 38" wide configuration but I need to find some strong piano hinges for it to work.

i have a question, i like your idea, and i was wondering what drive transmission would you use

We actually are doing something very similar to this idea, it wasn’t just a concept we had thought of.

Looks like a lot of the same robots at regionals this year…