pic: The shadow claw--claw

So it looks more like a butterfly than a claw…the name stuck, and it works really well. Great grip and makes a really cool noise when it clamps.

I love that you made it out of wood, I bet when it closes it sounds like MOE sticks .
They look great, good luck this year!

Is that pneumatic hose/coupling going up the arm legal?

looks like u can pick up a car(joking) with the psi from that hose

Based solely on what can be seen in this image, it would appear that these are not legal fittings or hose from the Kit Of Parts. Can someone from Team 1559 clarify?


Wow, good job team 1559! Your claw looks absolutely amazing. I love the color <3.

<R36> Additional Parts must be generally available from suppliers such that any other FIRST team, if it so desires, may also obtain them at the same price…

Our parts are NOT on the NOT allowed list, and nowhere have we found, to our knowledge, that we needed to use only the parts on from the kit. As long as it is not “hazardous” or otherwise deemed illegal, and it is a COTS part, we see it as perfectly and legitimately legal. A coiled tube is NOT banned from the pneumatics manual or anywhere else. Hope this clarifies any issues.

And our 25 inch cylinders–in case anyone was wondering–are from Parker-Hannifin. “additional cylinders can also be purchased through a Bimba or Parker-Hannifin Distributor.” We got ours from Parker, so they are perfectly legal.

Actually a coiled tube, if not made by yourself, has been banned. It was answered in the Q and A. Also, you can not use that size pneumatic hose seen in the lower left of the picture.

Edit: Your answers are located here

ID: 1641 Section: 5.3.4 Status: Answered Date Answered: 2/15/2005
Q: In reference to 1609, Are we limited to ONLY using the 20 meters of pneumatic tubing provided in the Kit of Parts? Therefore, we CANNOT use equivalent tubing with equivalent specs, but different colors. Am I correct in this assumption?
A: Correct.

Q: In reference to 1609 and 1641 can we use SMC tubing with the same part number as the tubing that came in the kit only in a different color, much like electric schematics use different colors. If not can we spray paint the tubing?
A: The tubing in the kits was at least 2 colors… blue and black. There may have been additional colors. The tubing should be SMC tubing with TIUB07 on it.

I believe those two questions sufficiently prove that you cannot use that tubing.

And as for your cylinder, see here- http://www.bimba.com/techctr/first_free_frm.htm

24" stroke is the largest you can have.

Please go through the “Parts Use Flowchart” (in Sectin of the manual) very, very carefully. Then carefully re-read Rule <R90> (particularly the “however…” part). The coiled tubing and 25" pistons are illegal. The fittings may or may not be illegal, based on their working ratings.

Thank you but this is between us and the judges.

I think you’ve misjudged our intentions. We don’t want you to show up and realize that you’re screwed-that you have an illegal piston, and tubing, and no way to fix it. Now you know it’s illegal, and can plan to change it. If you show up to a competition, and pass inspection with that current setup, well, then you know you’re cheating.

We’re not just trying to be ■■■■■ and get your robot DQ’ed.

You can take whatever you want up with the “judges” but we’ve just shown you what the rules are.

Hopefully you can fix this issue without losing too much time at your regional.

That is true, but the people on these forums are trying to help you with a possible problem. I suggest that you just sit back and read on, you don’t want to make a post telling people not to help you because you might need it at a comp and some one might remember a mean post.

and everyone else, this is a rookie team, most experenced teams have trubble using the correct parts sometimes, so remember be nice you were all once rookies before to.

It’s up to you, of course, but you’ve been getting advice here from the people that the judges go to for help in understanding this stuff. Fight for your robot, but I’d bring along the pneumatics parts from the kit FIRST sent you just in case.

Just some friendly unsolicited advice.

Now we just have to find our other pneumatic parts…that could be a problem :eek:

If it really came to ripping out some of your pneumatics and replacing them, you will probably be able to get help at your regional from other teams. Three-digit teams (and 2-digit and 1-digit) are very helpful to rookies.

Here’s hoping that you don’t have to…

thank god it all worked out. We had to replace the coiled tubing, which we knew would happen. Took a whole ten minutes to coil some kit tubing. The cylinders were fine. The inspectors interpreted the rules just as we did.

thats great to hear that it was a quick fix and everything went all good.

That’s great! Congratulations on a successful inspection. Hope the whole tournament was a lot of fun.

You guys did really well at Rochester this past weekend. It’s just too bad you didn’t make it to Nationals. I was looking forward to hopefully playing with or against you there.