pic: The Shadow Claw

Here she is, Team 1559’s first ever robot.

looks very nice for a rookie team, i like the Blue and Yellow Look you gave it,

and the small distance in the back wheels. What’s the reason for that? Looks like you guys got creative and your execution was great.

Looks Great. Looking forward to seeing you in Rochester. :slight_smile: I predict that the game is very rookie friendly this year. Good Luck.

sweet looking bot guys and great job. can’t wait till Finger Lakes!

Thanks a lot everyone! We put the drive wheels as close as possible to let it turn right on itself…sort of a cheated 4WD type drive but it works well. It also saved us money–we didn’t have to buy omniwheels. We used 4" diameter spherical casters in the back. Its different, but it works.

do you have any other pictures just of the drives?

who also did your decals? they look spiffy

We got the vinyls from Mobile Graphics, right in Victor. They gave us half-off so we got all of them for $20. They did a great job too. I’ll dont have a pic with the fenders off, but I’ll upload a few more of what I do have. For the drivetrain we replaced the 21 tooth sprockets with 10 tooth ones, then used the 21 tooth sprocket as an idler for the front wheel to keep the chain taught. Thanks for all the feedback.

Nice Job guys!! wow, it looks sturdy & reliable :slight_smile: Congrats on your rookie year! We missed seeing your robot at the exhibition, but were glad to have you guys there! Can’t wait to see you at FLR!