pic: "The Stench" Skunkworks 2009 robot

“The Stench” Skunkworks Robotics (Team 1983) robot for 2009.
Crab/Swerve drive, wide collector, “enhanced” dumper.
We ran it for about 4 hours over the weekend… We should be ready for Portland and beyond!!

Is there any chance of posting some video of it in action? Thats the most impressive part. I would also like to note that the ball conveyor continues underneath, not visible in this image.

Hey that does stink!
Seriously that is pretty cool!

us rookies want to see how good your bot is, video, please, no really, PLEASE!!!


is that a shumper i see there?

Nice work Skunks! I can picture the ball mechanism in action, but am looking forward to seeing the drive in action.

See you in Seattle!


Yes indeed that is a shumper you see there. We are able to shoot two balls at the same time about 6-8 feet depending on battery condition. I also recall being pinned head to head by another team on our practice field and shooting 7 balls over their robot, scoring 6 in their trailer… :wink:

Video to come soon. Any questions are welcomed

Here is a short video from last weekend.
Not the best but you will get the idea.

second video showing shumper mechanism

Way to go Skunkworks! Can’t wait to play you guys at Seattle!

I’m really liking how you incorporated the skunk theme into its name and its aesthetic (nice bumpers). Oh yeah, plus it looks like you’re going to have an even better season than last year with a robot like that!

Thank you, just before ship we removed that back panel (hex-cell) and painted some nice big skunk stripes on it. We are very happy with how the swerve is preforming and have just come up with a small tweak that should allow us to store and shoot up to 12 balls consistently.