pic: The Super Dooper Shooper Pooper Scooper (aka "The Towel Rack")

Here is 568’s bot that can easily pick up and carry 11-12 balls. We will also have a capping mechanism for the 2x balls not shown in this picture. Enjoy.

It’s a pity that this pic masks the true beauty of my electronics board… Like the capitan said, after we mounted the rubberized-belty thing on the schooper (the mechanism that scoops up the balls) we had no problem loading 10-12+ balls in the bot. Those fp motors may not look like much, but with the transmission they can sure torque the rubber balls.
The mechanisms mounted on the side swing out to herd the balls in for collection. I think those are in the process of being redesigned for less weight. Just for kicks, has anyone had trouble with the plastic gearboxes breaking? They arent a big deal to replace, but with bots going up and, more importantly, down that 6" lip, I think we may see some of those breaking under the force of a falling 130 lb bot, esp for arm bots that drop off the bar AFTER competition. Recommendation, use double solenoids! Its a pity that eveyone is going for the bar; I don’t know that anything but the last 10-15 seconds will be very interesting in many games. FORWARD THE BALL COLLECTORS!!!

I really wanted a suck-u-bot. I think they will make fantastic partners and really control the outcome of the game. Especially since you can steal from the other side. Looks great! Best of luck!

Looks reminisant of our bot 3 years ago, hows the handling, our major problem with a bot shaped like that was the center of gravity was too high.

like/love the design and how you got it to work!!!

IMO… i dont like the casters

this is such an awesome design … i hope i get to see it in action !!

how does this work ??

and how do you control spitting the balls out ??