pic: The swerve train has left the station!

Team 342’s drive train for Steamworks

I wanted to follow up on my pre-season swerve drive post… We built it! Steamworks seemed like a great game for swerve, and the pre-season base design only needed a couple tweaks to fit our chosen strategy. The main picture shows the drive base assembled before wiring. A close-up of the frame rail lightening is here, and here’s a video of the drivers messing around. Fear not, these pictures and video were taken a few weeks ago – we now have a completed, bagged robot. More info about the modules is in this other pre-season post.

Although I was a little unsure of the optimal gearing for the steering motors, our chosen setup (BAG motors at 90:1) have been working great. One thing I would definitely change if doing it again is the size of the main aluminum tube that houses each module. Only when we went to order the material did we realize that 3” x 1.5” x 1/8” wall aluminum tubing is much more available in the softer 6063 alloy than it is in 6061. We eventually found what we were looking for (onlinemetals.com was the only source), but it was more of a hassle than usual.

We’re excited to debut at Palmetto next weekend!

Looking good!

Mind sharing your total module weight (including drive/steer motors/sensors)?

No problem - it’s 8.4 pounds per module

Wow, about 2.5lbs lighter per module than ours. Nice work!

Nice looking drive train! Look forward to seeing it in action at Palmetto.


Thanks, guys!