pic: The team to beat...


311 is amazing…they can do just about everything.

are they able to scale the 6" step? their bot looks slick… definitely something I’ll keep my eye on… but won’t mind doing so :cool:. aesthetically pleasing

they can cap, climb, and hang well

Yeah, we asked 311 to be our alliance partner at UCF (along with half of FIRST…heh), and they are a great team. They really had it together - they built a great robot that performs its functions very well, and their team members are all high-spirited and are really into FIRST. I wouldn’t mind pairing up with this team again.

I totally agree with Zorkinian. I also would not mind working with Team #311 (Red Jammers) again. Nice, strong, and reliable robot. Hopefully they get to work on their robot a little more before Nationals. I love it when other teams design their robots to look super POed. Ours is a bit misleading… :yikes:

if they’re the team to beat, then we’re the team to win :slight_smile:

The people on their team are also a great group of people. I worked with them back in 2002 at the KSC regional, and this year from what I saw at UCF they had a great group again as well, and a beautiful robot.

Ah, my old team 870 looks to be partnered up with them. Anyone at the SPBLI regional know how they’re doing, I’ll probably be there tommorow.

ya 311, strong robot and when it looks like they dont have enough time to hang think again they hang really fast. Great strong robot. we did tip them once in qualification matches, tho :wink:

311 is in third. I had the pleasure of competing against him as well as with them, they’re a very good team. Their team won both matches, even they tipped and I barely managed to save the match at the end by getting a single ball to their human player to make an amazing shot right before the buzzer :).

Ah, my old team 870 looks to be partnered up with them. Anyone at the SPBLI regional know how they’re doing, I’ll probably be there tommorow.

Thank god they were paired with us. They helped us fix our robot since our clutch separated. Of course our robot was not fixed in time but yet they still won.

Kind words indeed from all of you (even the Bad Boys from BayShore 'cause we like you guys anyway :slight_smile: )

Saturday still promises to be a tough day for everyone though, that’s when some of the follks you count out on Friday usually rebound and the folks that were cool on Friday can get tripped up.

Our team software guru was last seen running around the pits sharing code with folks to help get some more autonomous modes up and running and as far as helping out with mechanical woes the guys in the 311 pit area are always williing to lend a hand whenever and wherever possible.

Remember; It’s really not about the 'bots…It’s about the people!

Like I mentioned before, I have not been able to attend these past 2 days of competiion (work and such), but I am looking very foward to being at the event tommorow. If anyone remember’s me, i’m Mike, i was an operator on 870 the past 2 years, went around lending a hand wherever I could. I will most likely be doing the same this year.

You guys are great. Great robot and great team. Everything people have been saying is true…you truly do represent the spirit of FIRST.

We had a bunch of problems today and are third from last right now, but hopefully tomorrow we will be ready to mount a comeback. I’m not sure what we can do in four rounds, but we’ll see. I think we are teamed with you for one of them…it will be an honor!

Anyway, we’ll be cheering for you. (We sit right behind you so we’ll blend right in.)

Woo you guys have spiffed the robot up a little more since UCF. Looks great, and beleive you me it works great!

What team were you referring to exactly?

nice bot

wow i haven’t seen this robot in a while. hmmm looks like a qualification match…

311, 1114, 229 later defeated 870 in the semifinals and then went on to win the Long Island regional.

btw what made you bring up such an old thread?

idk whats with the 31’x’ But 310 PWNED the San Diego Regional Only Loosing Once In The Final Match When a Broken Tube Got Stuck In There Tread! Other Than That They Never Lost! They Got a High Score of 290 Once! They Also Won The Los Angeles Regional Also

That was 330, not 310. :smiley: