pic: The Triplets are Coming To Atlanta!!

The NiagaraFIRST.org Triplets will be in full force at the Championship event. Check us out on the field, and stop by our pits!

That’s right, the NiagaraFIRST.org Triplets will be at the Championship Event. When we first started this project in the fall, we wanted all three of our teams to compete at the highest level. By getting them all to Atlanta, we feel that this goal has been accomplished.

These three robots are all ready and geared up to make a big run in Atlanta!

Another major goal was to create a model that could be used to help FIRST grow. We feel that our use of collaboration has done that. I won’t get into all the details of the business model here, (a whitepaper will made available after the season) but we feel that we’ve created something that if used effectively can provide a huge amount of growth for FIRST.

So, I urge any teams who think they’re up for the task of helping FIRST grow next season, to come stop by one of our pits and talk to myself or any of our other team members. We’d love to tell you “the story of how one team became three”, and give you some guidance so you can do the same.

See all of you in Atlanta…

Yeah!!! that is so cool… all the triplets together again! Im sad to see they arent in Newton, we are gonna miss our allies! :slight_smile:

Which one is the oldest? :wink:

Well we always refer to 1114 as the oldest because it’s the original team, and 1680 as the baby because they signed up late this past fall. But when it comes to the actual robots, 1114’s bot was the first to get assembled and was used for a lot of the early practice. If my memory serves me correctly 1680 was the second to be assembled, followed very soon after by 1503.

I’m curious as to how all of them made it… it seems to me by FIRST rules one of them is inelligible… or I dont’ know the rules well…
What I know right now is… rookie teams are not allowed to go to nats unless…
They win
Get rookie allstar award? or maybe another… regardless it’s only one of hte rookie awards… I think
the big Engineering award
or chairmans
How else can you make it? I need to actually read the rules sometime =/

1503 won Rookie Inspiration
1680 won Rookie All-star
Those two awards qualify them for the championships, I believe.

Actually Rookie Inspiration is not a qualifier. Team 1503 was on the waiting list for the Championship. On the Tuesday after the last weekend of regionals, the team received a phone call from FIRST saying that a spot had opened up. Needless to say that the entire team was very excited about the wonderful opportunity.

Karthik PLS realize I’m in no way trying to be rude ~ and there is no way to copy paste this without sounding rude… but somehow I mean it with as much respect as I can

Important: 2005 Rookies are not eligible for to attend the Championship via Open Registration but must qualify to attend per the Merit Based criteria set forth above.

it’s just a matter of confusion

You’re correct. That applied at the beginning of the season though, when only tiers 2 and higher could signup (or whatever it was)

Since FIRST had spaces left, after that registration period had ended, and whenever and veteran teams could have signed up, the teams on the waiting list got in, including rookies.

Awesome! good luck you three…
what stumps me is… if your robot is the same… and you get first seed… why don’t you pick the robot that’s exactly the same!!!

That’s what Chatsworth 22 and the Cheesy Poofs 254 did at SVR and then they won.

I think that was more a case of 22 slipping through the cracks, but still very cool.

I waited all last year to see a 254/60 matchup, but I guess 22/254 will have had to make up for that :slight_smile:

Driving skill becomes much more obvious with identical bots, might be a reason for the discrepancies between thes triplets, it was something that was evident with 254 and 22 However theres also the randomness of the qualifiers as well, so it might also be just bad luck. Anyways, gj to all 3 teams for qualifying (2 of them are on curie yay). And wish everybody good luck

wow i neva seen three robots identical, i’m suprised they all didn’t win the same thing =) very close though.

wasn’t there a rule that says you can’t have more then one robot that looks the same - oh wait neva mind that was if the team built 2 robots identical and used them both at the regional, if im not mistaken that was last year or the year before that.

anywho, good luck at the nationals. i’ll come by the pits and say hi to the 3 of them, btw are they all boys or girls =)

This is awesome!

But what if, since all three robot siblings are on different fields, all three are in the winning alliances and they all make it on to Einstein. Who will you cheer for? :smiley:

so you can build the same robot for different teams

actually, according to the pic, 1503 and 1680 are both gonna be in curie, while 1114 is in archimedes.

No such rule exists. FIRST to this date, has been completely passive about collaboration.

So far.

If this gets out of hand, though, FIRST will change the rules. I know that there was a lot of discussion on the site when the first two identical robots were revealed during the 2004 season, and I’m a bit surprised this hasn’t drawn the outrage that that thread did.