pic: The Twins

This is easily one of the most intimidating sights I have EVER seen from behind the driver station window…good thing I didn't have time to have nightmares!

I’ve had the opportunity to see both 254 (the Cheesy Poofs) and 968 (Johnny Five) live in action this season. Your picture might just be of the second-most frightening set of twins in FIRST this year. I guess we’ll find out at Atlanta…

I don’t know those triplets are pretty nasty. Especially the combo of 1114 and 1503, since they have teamed up in both thier regionals so far and won them both!!! :ahh: :ahh: Wonder if that is thier plan for GTR too :confused: :confused:

I hope to watch 254 and 968 play both with and against eachother at Atlanta. That would be two of the most exciting matches. I want to see how they’d defend against “themselves”.

254+494+1114 vs. 968+70+1503


Someone call me when that match comes up.

You’re insane, Joel. I NEED TO SEE THIS MATCH.



I would pay the match schedulers at champs to set this up just for the pure reason of being able to see it :cool:

So awesome…yet sooo confusing…

Speaking of confusing alliances, we have unfortunately missed our chance to see the my personal favourite (they were all in Toronto in 2004, but never played together): Teams 1114, 1141, and 1411. 1114 and 1141 will be back this year, but unfortunately 1411 has pulled out. Then again, this year we do have the chance in Toronto for some very confusing matchups, such as 1053, 1305, 1503 vs. 1330, 1353, 1355. Even the great Karthik K (MC) & Steve W (Announcer) duo might get tripped up by that one…

i’d add my wallet!

I’d need someone to call 911!!!

someone needs to get that arranged at nats. That would be one for the records. :ahh:

Its funny, I was just thinking that with all the twins and triplets instances nowadays, we used to always claim (when we were pitching FIRST) that it was so amazing that you would go to these huge competitions, and no two robots would look alike!! Lol, now they do! Scary!

Seeing beastly robots like this completely identical to one another sitting next to eachother makes me want to collaborate with a team.

Any takers?

I say next year FIRST gives us drawings and a game and we just do what they say! lol… :confused:

im on the same philosophy you are Sam…

im glad im on a 2 digit team, i might walk into the wrong pit XD