pic: The two 25 drivers

Looks like Coreys finally getting some facial hair… aww hes hit puberty! :stuck_out_tongue:
Just playing you know I love you guys! Nice job with the sharpies, wish I coulda been there!

At some point I remember someone trying to find a picture of Corey sharpied at a competition, now I think it’d be hard to find a picture of Corey NOT sharpied at a competition…keep up the good work:p

that picture was taken after the semis because they are wearing 56 shirts to show there love for the fellow new jerseyians!thanks for an aw some trip you team 25 kids! wooot! we ate fried frog legs

Pretty much exactly what I was thinking…when is Corey not covered from head to foot in sharpie at a competition. Actually, when is he not covered in sharpie period? I remember he was at my house post UTC and he was clean…well that didn’t last too long that night. :slight_smile: