pic: The Ultimate Stack

Clarkson and Thunderchickens went back and forth stacking tetras in one of the most exciting matches of the day at the innaugural Finger Lakes Regional!

Oh man… Thats what happens when stacking strategies come together, lol. I like the picture, though; it gets me pumped up a little for our regional.

Now comes the most important question… Who ‘won’ the stack? Based on how I read the rules, it belongs to Blue, because the Red, Blue, and Red tetras at the very top are not really stacked.

ooooo this is exciting to see… i can’t wait for next week anymore…not bad at all…it’s gonna be so much fun this year

I would say 12 points for blue, 12 points for red, and BLUE owns the goal.


Unless…Blue descored Red than Red owns the goal and Blue received a 10 point penalty.

at first, thats what i thought was happening; but the more i look at it, the more i think that the tetra that 229 is holding is pushing the capped red tetra off. anyone know what the final call was? and is there any video of this match?

slapping the ground like a baby I Want My Competition. NOW

That is truly impressive, great job y’all!

ahh… this is torture… please tell us who won or what happened?

That’s an awsome stack. Good luck in your competitions everyone!

Wow, I so wish I knew what happened here! That’s so cool…

I feel like Conor down there…I WANT MY REGIONAL! PRONTO DUDE. =’(

But at any rate…how many ARMS are on that thing?! I got confused looking at that picture. Jeez.

Heh, that happened when we went up against the team we collaborated with on design, so we were pretty evenly matched. Our bot is the one with the yellow and white PVC in the front there, holding the blue tetra. We lost that match, but I think we were making some sort of point about how high we could go :slight_smile:

Descoring doesn’t have a point penalty, just the value of the descored tetra(s) and ownership of the goal.

Unintentional descoring has no penalty. It happened (and we did it a few times) at BAE today. When a team is trying to stack a tetra, it might pull away too soon and pull a tetra off with it, in that case there is no penalty. If the team went and pulled it off the goal, there would be a penalty.

A few things,

This was match #4 at Finger Lakes. 217 and 229 were “trading punches” trying to get ownership of that goal. In the end, 229 descored themselves so that goal was 12 points red and 12 points blue with blue owning the goal. we (blue) lost that match. I do not recommend this strategy, it was done to see how high the stack could go without tipping over (our team had an internal debate). I was trying to prove that 10 or more could be stacked on the side goals and still be stable.

Next, the rules for descoring at the top of a goal are as follows:

  1. If you descore your opponents tetra, then they own the goal and they get the points for their descored tetra(s).

  2. There is no penalty assesed, but the goal can no longer be owned by you.


I hope to see video of the match some time soon.
It was great to watch live.

Here is another picture of that same stack. Sorry the color is so dark.


Here is one with the color corrected a little bit.


Looks impressive.

This is the match our scouts described as:
“John and Paul’s ego trip” it is also known as “The Pissing Contest”.

This was 229’s first qualification match of the day, and the general strategy was to play “volume offense” while our partners worked on the other goals.

This was 217’s first qualification match of the day, and the general strategy was to play “volume offense” while their partners worked on the other goals.

The result was what you see here.
The “twins” faced off. The chickens started off blue, we countered with a double stack of red, then it went 1 for 1 from there.
9 were stacked, #10 and #11 were in the air above, and #9 ended up getting knocked off.

Not a bad way to start off the regional.
The crowd loved it, and so did we.

PS - 217 and 229 Dueled 3 times at Finger Lakes. All were spectacular matches. I hope video gets up eventually.