pic: The Unoffical Sponser of FIRST with MD Man

This is a picture of myself holding a small can of Mountain Dew with my Mountain Dew T-shirt during a late night.

Agreed. Mountain Dew is what the Robonauts run off of. NOt that traditional battery or gasoline, 100% Mountain Dew!


Where’s the mountain dew?

I have the sudden urge to go downstairs and get some out of my two 12 packs that I set aside for robotics.

Anyone ever tell you you look like a teenage version of Jack Black?

A little bit anyways.

I think 2200 leans more towards the Dr. P, but I figure by the half-way point of week 3, we’ll be breaking out the energy drinks (Bawls, where would I be without you?..)

Please, oh, please don’t encourage him;) . MD Man is one of our Seniors who is, for the first time in four years, really contributing **Big Time **to the team. Innocent comments like this, when his caffeine level is too high, might cause his head to explode.:o The last thing we need to be done during build season is cleaning up spilled Mountain Dew and grey matter.

Our team runs off of candy, our energy source. Our mentors sometimes go crazy because we can get pretty loud and crazy. Also, we take out every build session so by the end, everyone has gained like 13 pounds.

We have 10 x 2 liter bottles of Dew in the meeting room right now as backups. By about week 4 the Bawls and Monster will be comming out though.,

I was thinking he looks a bit like Billfred.
http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/img/a70/a701befd14cfb1435c35a3d3b45d5b5e_l.jpg (not the guy on the left)

how could you forget coke/pepsi and bawls? not to mention coffee, sweets, doughnuts, cake, cookies, etc…