pic: The Unofficial 2012 Web Hug

A small band of merry FIRSTers gathered for a few minutes of meeting and greeting on Thursday at the 2012 Championship Event. We were surprised to find that Andy Baker was giving a presentation during that time and we all sat and listened. Afterward, he joined us for our hug and a photo.

We’d like to thank ChiefDelphi for always being an inspiration and a place to hang our virtual coats and sit a while. We’d like to thank Wings Of Fire for continuing to make ChiefDelphi a place for the FIRST community and guests to gather. Those of us who met for the unofficial Web Hug had a wonderful time together and we celebrated/recognized the special bond of all of us here in CD and in FIRST.

What an awesome collection!

I had hoped to run into this group sometime during CMP, but instead was absorbed by the excitement on Archimedes and never escaped 'til the finals were done. (Literally a cliff-hanger, decided at the last second, but that is a story for another thread.)

Nice job on the picture, Jane. Hopefully there will be another CD web-hug, official or otherwise, next year. :slight_smile:

I hoped to make it but with everything I was doing over the weekend with 3 of the 4 programs I never got a chance to step away.

In my first trip to the Championship as a key adult on a team, wow there is so much going on! I’ve been in FIRST a while now and have been a key volunteer at multiple Championships, but for a team it is rather overwhelming. I’ve no idea how rookies do it.

I’m sorry I missed it, but there is always next year!


Good times. And I even got to ask Mary Baker if, in her opinion, her husband was more like Chuck Norris, or Superman

And the answer was?

(This could spawn a whole new thread: Andy Baker is greater than ??? super hero)

Well, for starters I think Andy is greater than the Flash.

I think Mary said Superman. Maybe she’s not a fan of 5 or 6-day stubble a la Norris.

The group that formed was made up of members who planned to attend and showed up and members who happened to be in the right place at the right time. It was kind of cool to have that combination, adding to the special time together and to the fun of the moment.

The unofficial Web Hug will be one of my favorite moments of the 2012 Championship Event experience. I have quite a collection of those. :slight_smile:

Let’s see if I can figure this out… we had Indiana, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Connecticut, and New York represented. What region(s) did I miss?