pic: The Vitruvian Arm - 2630

This is a CAD rendering of our Arm for the 2011 game.

The idea driving the design was to have a fully double sided arm which can pick up from the floor and place tubes from both sides.

The design choice had a cascading effect throughout the design of the robot: everything had to be symmetric and almost nothing could be placed where the arm was sweeping through.

It’s a complicated design - but that’s half the fun :slight_smile:

(you can click the tag frc2630 on the right side to see the real arm on the robot)

Animation of arm in action here:
Real video coming soon, pictures of the robot here:

It appears like your arm has three joints, but that the wrist is chained such that it is always parallel to the shoulder, regardless of the elbow position. If that’s the case, clever design, I like it!

the arm does indeed have three joints, which are all actuated at once by a single motor, the gripper is chained parallel to the long section, and the connecting section between the gripper and the long piece is chained “anti-parallel” to the base of the tower (that’s what the alpha angle shows).

Glad you like it :slight_smile: we’ve been working hard at it for the last 6 weeks…

Wouldn’t you get the same effect just bolting the claw to the end of the first joint? It sounds like the other two “cancel out”, and I don’t get the benefit. (Height?)

im guessing its that way because it touches the ground on both sides of the robot. If it was just a single joint the claw would not contact the ground parallel…

I would assume it’s to contour around the bumper for floor pickup.

1350 built a symmetrical robot last year, except ours had no top and yours has no back. I hope yours works better.

Beautiful! The 3-segment, single DOF arm and the hefty tubular elevator are a cool combination. Nice wide gripper, too. Out of the mechanisms shown on CD this year, this is my favorite by far.

Hope to see it up close in St. Louis!

That’s it :slight_smile: the 100% bumper wrap rule and our desire to floor load from both sides were the main reasons for this design.

Thanks! I hope you’ll be able to as well…

here’s an animation of the arm, a video is worth at least 24,000 words per second:

Your animations on youtube are simply awesome. It’s very easy to tell your students must be learning a lot from you. I especially like the animation of the cam driven gripper. Just awesome.

I too hope to see you in St. Louis. Best of luck.

I’ve often envisioned being a part of a community that encourages the development and appreciation of what a Renaissance man/woman is and could become. The robotics programs/movement/culture that purposely partner mentors and students together in producing/using innovative technology while at the same time, appreciating and developing the artistry and the wisdom within that partnership, is the perfect environment for fostering the growth and development of a Renaissance man/woman and a future Dr. Woodie Flowers.

It is very rarely that I have an opportunity to talk or listen to anyone who shares this same vision/desire and I often wonder why. This Vitruvian Arm picture gives me hope. :slight_smile:



great job! this is definitely what first is all about!!

one question - how is it set in the beginning of the match?

כל הכבוד!!

oh i got it from the picture on your website… great robot! hope it works as good as is looks :slight_smile: