pic: The whole robot (Without pneumatic loader or hopper)

This is our robot as of 2/10/06, with much more work finished now. The shooter now can fire the balls quite well, and the programmers will have it all next week.

-Ekim, Team 1701

Whoa, thats a great shooting machine. No welding? By the way, I was just wondering how it is supposed to pick up balls?

Obit beat me to it. How does it pick up balls?

I bet they’re going to toss the balls in, not pick them up.

Weight guess time…
My guess is 95 lbs?

How accurate do you think it will be? Doesn’t look as if the ball will be guided much. And my weight guess is about 101.32 pounds.

So far, the weight is about 110 pounds, but we have made some modifications to the hopper and pnuematic loader.

It’s pretty accurate. We have two wheels for the shooting mechanism and the ball always falls between them and is always shot on center.

you can eliminate a bunch of weight by cutting the ends off the transmission span plate. and then cheeseholing it. looks good