pic: The winning alliance

The winners of Mayhem @ The Museum

1523 M.A.R.S
1251 TechTigers
1390 Who Let The Dogs Out

It was great to ally with this great teams. Thanks to 1523 and 1390. It was great to work with you guys and im sure i speak for my team when i say we had a blast at this event. I will see you guys next year most likely at UCF, so keep uo the good work. :wink:


Congrats to 1251, 1523, and 1390. Wish we coulda been there, I saw a lot of the pics on CD, looks like it was a lot of fun. Hopefully, we can make it down there next season.

yay!! i’m soo proud of these 3 teams… they are all great hard working teams… great job again!

I must give a shout out to my boys on 1251.
You guys are amazing. One of the best up and comign teams around.
Im soo glad to see you guys finally got a Championship of some sort under your belt. Im sure the double finalists was heart breaking, but still amazing nonetheless.

Great job guys!

Thanks Corey, all of us in team 1251 are very happy to get a championship, twas a season of close calls, and finally, hope to see all the team 25 people in one of our regionals next year.

Huge thanks to our alliance partners. that will be a day I remember for a long long time. Lets do it again at UCF!

Great job to the 3 teams that won!