pic: The Wizard 399

Team 399…taste the rainbow…LOL. Not finished yet, but nearly there.

is that belt driven? can that make it over the bump? and is that omni wheel drive or free-spinning?

very nice, cant wait to see you guys in Colorado :slight_smile:

Playing for both alliances at once, I see … :slight_smile:

Looking good.

Whatever that flat panel hanging over the front bumper is doing, you know you can’t do it until the FINALE CONFIGURATION is allowed, right?

Will you have some kind of side panels to keep balls from lodging themselves inside your frame?

I think you need a bigger pneumatic cylinder.

Neat looking robot, I’ll have to stop by your pit at AZ to see it in person. The CIMs I can see in the picture are confusing… it looks like you have two driving mechanisms. Does that mean you only have one motor powering each side of your drivetrain?

That flat panel will be gone once our robot is completed. As mentioned this is not the final look of our robot and you can expect many changes. Balls will not be able to lodge themselves in our robot.

As for the wheels, all will be powered once the robot is completed. We are using AM Super Shifters.

that’s a pretty nice looking robot.

Good job so far.

so looks like you guys won’t be going under the tunnel?
That is one colorful robot. Trying to immitate the stangs?

I love you Wizard!!!
…wait is it “Wizard” or “The Wizard”?
the latter doesn’t sound right haha

nice bot i cant wait to see it in person at the CO regional