pic: The WPI Robot Rivals Team

In the fall of 2003 WPI competed on Robot Rivals on DIY. It was a fun experience and we learned a lot about robots and television production. The crew is, from left to right, Chris Werner, Tim Baird, Buzz Dawson (Battle Bots), and Rick Petty.

What did you have to do?

Tim looks different.

Really? I have the same hair cut, I’m still the whitest person you’ll meet, the only difference is that I don’t really shave that often.


Anywho, in this event, we had to do the grass cutting one. There was a 4’ wide path, I think 20’ long with grass and the team that could cut the most in the time period (2 min, if I recall correctly) won. There were also flowers in the grass that you lost points to if you hit them.

:stuck_out_tongue: You look younger…

Just kidding just kidding.