pic: Thefro526


Here’s My 2009 WAI. I think it’s pretty awesome.

theres’ too much awsomeness-essness in this picture for my computer too handle:D

nice colors

…ive always wanted an afro(darn my straight hair)

Haha Thanks! We actually won the imagery award because our colors are were so prominent.

yeahhh… you guys definitely looked really cool! and it was easy to see you guys from anywheree! Kinda like us… only we were in pink! hahaa:] that pic does have total awesomenss btw:]

The Fro was absolutely visible to anyone who even glanced at the field in NJ. I knew who he was the second I saw him - the huge cape saying “Thefro” didn’t hurt - but I regret that I didn’t have time to say hello.

I will answer on behalf of The Fro. If you guys are going to Atlanta I am sure he could make time to say hello to you.

Haha! Thanks, hopefully my 'fro will be bigger the next time you see me! I hope we can bump into each other during our travels this season.

I agree… that Fro is filled with awesomeness

haha i saw the fro while pit scouting… you and your fro are freaking awesome… thanks for being so gracious and answering my froshie ensign’s quesitons even through that loud saw noise… i hope to see you again in philly, and atlanta too! (no i am not stalking you or your team… ;))

Sick Cape, just amazing. I wish I had a cape…