pic: There's a reason they have 3 mounting holes.

We tried using a pair of window motors for a winch, and only bothered to use 2 of the holes… Both “toes” broke simultaneously- and at the same time! We then added a steel plate that goes to all 3 holes as reinforcement, as well as new motors…


Also, window motor winch?



And I’m with Nick, a window motor winch isn’t going to be wicked fast. I’m interested where you used your FP Motor. One of the benefits is your winch which i’m assuming will be moving your arm won’t backdrive. That will help your control.

We decided to try them for a winch, but the other result from that test was that they were far too slow for our UDT. We then switched to a CIM with a toughbox and a closed loop of chain and are quite satisfied with the results.