pic: These elevators are fast!

Two of the elevators as they zoom past each other in the Hilton.

woah, are you sure that the exposure time/shutter speed wasn’t messed around with? if not, they are really fast.

Hahahaha, I’m assuming this was taken at the Hilton. We stayed there last year, and yes those elevators are RIDICULOUSLY fast. They went so fast that we even tried jumping on the way down, and it will actually give you a good 4-5 inches of height when you jump. It took us about 10 minutes to figure out that the 2 elevators in the back only go from the lobby to the top floor restaurant :stuck_out_tongue: . Most of us wanted to stay there again, but our mentors booked us at a “closer” hotel, the Days in shutter. WARNING - Do not stay at the days in. last year we stayed at the Hilton with more teams then at this years hotel, and we didn’t have any problems. But this year the other teams were inconsiderate and ran around our floor late at night. Plus it was only $40 more a person IN TOTAL to stay at the Weston, if anyone stayed there can you PM me about how it was. And i remember ordering pap johns at 1 in the morning one night. when i came down to pick it up the team from Israel was there, i feel bad for them, their entire concept of time must have been thrown off.

ah yes the Hilton. Dont jump on the elevators going down. I nearly knocked myself out when my head hit the ceiling, hard. Plus if you go all the way to the top, then push the lower level button, your ears pop.

Also does anyone notice how pretty all the lights on the buttons can be when there all lighten up. Especially when you leave the elevator?

Lol, yes they are quite pretty :stuck_out_tongue: . One time we got eveyone in the elevator to jump, and we skipped a floor somehow :eek: , i would not advise doing this EVER again. They were also big enough for us to fit the small end table and 5 chairs in them for a nice game of elevator poker. I would only advise doing this at night, because noone told us we had to leave so i assume it was becuase noone complained. But it was hilarious to see the look on peoples faces when the doors opened and there were 5 kids playing poker inside, only one person actually came on the elevator with us :stuck_out_tongue: .

I did manually set the exposure time a little higher than normal, but those elevators really are fast. :smiley:

you guys might wanna check these out http://www.macrondynamics.com/linear_actuators.htm
linear motion actuators capable of speeds of around 200 inches per second for the ones we could possibly use. I’d just like to point out that elevators are made to carry a relativley heavy load on a cable system. For our application we wont be moving a heavy load and a belt or chain driven system would be much more effective.

I know I’m helping bring this thread back from the dead…

Atlanta '06, the revolving restaurant had been closed but somehow one of the elevators let us go there on the first day. Before being told the state of the restaurant, a few 555’rs went up and saw a dark room, debris everywhere 'didn’t stay long coughchickencough.

And yes, they are awesomely fast.