pic: They tell us we are Crazy

A full FIRST field, in the middle of a tornado warning, a night crew staying up all night guarding the field. We gotta find something to do, I mean come on, even if it to hang off the center goal.

Arefin has hairy armpits :frowning:

Tytus looks… a little red…

Thats because I was setting up the Dual 1,000 watt quartz lighting, and we were in the dark. After I got them setup, it was quite bright.

You guys, crazy? Nah…

Is that the same air soft gun (I guess) that was strapped to Swamp Things frame in one photo?

Looks like it was a lot of fun. Hopefully Heatwave will be there next year.

crazy? no. closer related to primates than others in the Darwinian scheme of things? probably.

Wasn’t there also a crossbow floating around as well? :yikes:

haha… ya… there sure was, but that was before 4 a.m. in the morning.

… Whatever we had there… they were all “Toy” catagory.

That was my 15 inch crossbow, and my marksman air gun, 450 fps .22 caliber (1/2 the power of a real gun)
Not an airsoft, and not made for shooting people for fun…

Lets not talk about the crossbow.

Do bolts ricochet after hitting a solid target like a wall? I know the answer.

looks like you guys had enough toys :stuck_out_tongue: .

…good job bringing them peter…

well at least you guys had fun while holding down the fort…i’m still glad you guys were safe and all…

MMMM maybe this is when i am glad i got stuck on the cruise ship. I wouldve of been there with these…“interesting” guys.