pic: Things you couldn't do again if you tried

At Fall classic yesterday, our team (3255) went to shoot a high goal and missed, but in a spectacular way. So i was curious to see what kinds of things happened to you guys throughout the seasons that you couldn’t replicate if you tried.


Literally couldn’t have done it again…

This wouldn’t happen on a real field :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a match at IRI where it happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4WFg6hYcPY

Look at 1619 during AUTO on the blue alliance

We balanced on the Cheval de Frise during autonomous mode once. I don’t think we’d ever be able to replicate that.

It was 2007… second match of the tournament in Portland. Our chance to show off our awesome autonomous in front of a row of judges and a packed stadium.

We’d spent the practice day replacing the soft carrier plates in the KoP transmissions that year as they had failed while we were developing the PID code for the mecanum drive. (All you script kiddies using a cRio to do it with a pre-programmed routine in LabView… hah! Try doing it from scratch on the old controller.) The ultrasonic sensors in the front had worked in the shop, and the plan was to drive to the tower, square up, roll in, and release the tube. Sure, we hadn’t had a chance to try it in practice on a real field, but it worked at home…

I’m not saying that we’d WANT to do it this way again, but we couldn’t if we tried. http://www.thebluealliance.com/match/2007or_qm2


I’m just gonna leave this here https://youtu.be/tV3PWbEDIRc?t=29s

This video was the result of thread a few months back. I can’t find it for the life of me, but it’s around here somewhere.

For some reason that routine never worked for us. So we always do it from scratch instead.

But related to PIDs… This year we had a 6 pneumatic wheel tank drive. We were tuning the PID and the robot started oscillating back and forth, and due to some of the motions, started walking side ways. We’ve got those PID values saved and would try it out more if it weren’t so hard on the drive train.

Arial Assist - Kettering Kickoff off season event.

Auto mode we are the blue bot in the middle.
We miss the first auto shot, catch the ball and shoot it again, and make it.

Without a doubt the the finest example of coopertition ever


Here you go!

During the Alamo Regional this year, we are fairly positive that our plexi-glass (meant to protect our electrical stuff) bent so much that it hit our power button.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2KIVicKIOk To save time, go to about 1:55 to get to the meat.

This is a wonderful time to bring up the suggestions posted in the thread about reveal videos. I feel some (maybe many) of the videos in this thread have too much build up or do not give proper focus to the event that is meant to be emphasized. I realize that some of the videos are match archives, in which case the poster should be giving an over view of what happened, or at least the team to look at and what time the event occurred.

2015, Recycle Rush, I was operating and my best friend was the driver. We had a can and were about to top a stack of 5, we were close, when all of a sudden one of our allies bumped into the stack and it started tipping over. My driver drove right into the stack, pushed it back up, capped it, and backed away at the last second. We ended up winning. Highlight of my senior year.

I really wish there was video of this. ::rtm::

Does anyone have that video of the minibot that fell off the pole, bounced off the robot and then landed right back on the pole to finish going up?

My team once scored 300 points (or more) in Aerial Assist, but couldn’t do it again.

It’s one of my favorites.

That’s right! I forgot we did that.