pic: THINK PINK 233 Roccobot 2k9's Pink

The only part of our beloved Roccobot 2k9 that is [color=deeppink]PINK[/color].

Picture is the back part of our base. Behind where it says pink is where our battery will be located. Above the pink is where the hitch will be. So during competitions it will be barely noticeable.

:frowning: tragic
should’ve made it blue

I agree

you could do it the hard way, with masking tape and a couple of cans of pink spray paint in the pits. Im not sure that is legal safe or professional though :p. good luck guys, you sure put a ton of work into a very nice robot, colored or not. Like my racing friends said “stickers don’t make the car go faster, turbochargers do”:smiley:

very cool design…its pink in spirit!