pic: THINK PINK - Final Cut

Finished, dryed, and cleaned. Pic taken February 17, 2006

Wow, yet another awesome 233 paint job. So how do you guys treat it? It just comes out so well consistantly, and everything that you guys spell out is readable and clean.

Is that robot even touched by human hands during build? It looks as though you just program the CNC to carve it out of a solid block of alumnium :wink:

We treat her with respect. :wink:

We spend most of the build perfecting the design on CAD. At Week 3 we start building parts we definitely know we are going to use (part of the chasis, gears, electrical grid, etc). Week 4 we try to finalize a majority of parts on CAD. Week 5 we slowly start building parts of the robot for testing. Towards the end of Week 5 we start building parts like there is no tomorrow. At Week 6 we assemble and powder coat the robot. And we pray that we have enough time for programming and practice driving with the robot.