pic: THINK PINK Roccobot 2k7 New Wheel

"We have been using the same pneumatic wheels since 2003. Last year, Roccobot 2k6 was really whobbly on the carpet during competition. We had great success in pushing matches and climbing over obstacles with these wheels and we really did not want to get rid of them.

So we made them better.

We CNC new wheels that are lighter and slightly stronger than the ones before. Plus it does not require air, so no need to check the air pressure before and after every match. The only thing that remains is the rubber tire part of the pneumatic wheels. We cut the tire out and screwed them onto the wheel."

Taken from this post: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=584116&postcount=5

whats your coefficient of friction on those?

That is a good question and I really do not have the data available (to me), so I cannot give you an honest answer. If I do get one, I will make sure to post it.

What keeps the tire on the rim?

CrazyBear posted it under the comment of the picture

The tires hang over a bit, but mainly they are streached. Each tire had to be streached auout 3/4 to 1 inch just to fit over the rim. For good measure, they are also screwed in.

More please on those pins sticking out of the rubber. Are they part of the rubber, such as the little nibbs we see on brand new tires? If not, how do you reconcile them with <R34>?

The “pins” sticking out of the rubber is just the little nibbs on brand new tires. We would not be evil enough to make cleats on our wheels. :stuck_out_tongue: