pic: THINK PINK Roccobot 2k7

Here it is in all it’s pink glory!

Finally!!! now i can get some rest… it looks great by the way.:smiley:

Tripple Play anyone? Don’t blame you we did the same.

The 2005 robot was the 25 of its year–I can’t wait to see how this thing takes on Florida.

Looks like a little bit more swiss cheese has been done to the frame than with the 2006 robot. The wheels also look a little different–care to enlighten us?

You have a very good eye. The wheels are different. We have been using the same pneumatic wheels since 2003. Last year, Roccobot 2k6 was really whobbly on the carpet during competition. We had great success in pushing matches and climbing over obstacles with these wheels and we really did not want to get rid of them.

So we made them better.

We CNC new wheels that are lighter and slightly stronger than the ones before. Plus it does not require air, so no need to check the air pressure before and after every match. The only thing that remains is the rubber tire part of the pneumatic wheels. We cut the tire out and screwed them onto the wheel.

I have a picture of the wheel if you guys really want to see them.

It’s actually pretty easy if you inspected the 2006 robot at UCF, then saw it again at Mission Mayhem.:wink: (For some reason, I just recalled Pink having thick wheels.)

Also, dare I think that the arm mounting structure is some shade of gray?

You are two for two right now. I hope your luck doesn’t run out. :wink:

That arm structure is welded to a metal frame on the inside of the pink chassis. All of that gray area is hollow and is for the large amounts of wiring along with places to mount motors, sensor, etc.

Yes, our 2004 and 2005 robot had the arm structure painted pink, but this year, we wanted a good mix of pink and metal because it looks cool.

I assume you guys will have bumpers in competiton?

You can definitely count on it.

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This is for you Billfred.

New Wheel

A perfect example of the concept of “Why fix what ain’t broke?”

Good Luck

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How many telescoping segments do you have on that arm? I am assuming at least 1, but are there more?

Looks like a solid and proven design, can’t wait to see it at the championship.

We have a two stage telescoping arm instead of three like we did with Roccobot 2k4, and 2k5.

you know what i just realized, no CNCed THINK PINK this year? oh well i guess i have to come to expect too much from Pink

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Great bot as always. Looking forward to seeing it in person and hopefully being on the same team.

We were wondering if you would have ramps, like us it looks like you are counting on all the other ramp bots out there.

What do you do for autonomous?

Yet again, another awesome looking robot from the Pink Team. You look really competitive as always. Best of luck to the Pink Team.:slight_smile:

I knew i seen this robot before. 2005 was a good year.

No ramps this year. We want to build a robot to do one thing, and do it really well.

Autonomous is a little shaky since we only had one day to really test it out. But you bet we plan on scoring a keeper during autonomous among other things.

If there is anything 1902 can do on auto mode let us know. We have about 9 versions, worked last 10+ times we tested. We will see when we get to the actual arena.

Still appreciate our playing with you in Archimedes. We think we were one game from championships.