pic: THINK PINK Roccobot 2k8

Here it is. Picture taken on Happy Ship Day. Hopefully those unable to attend the Florida Regional will enjoy it.

That might be the manliest looking pink robot I’ve ever seen… :yikes:

I bet this beauty is a hurdling beast. I am just amazed that this bot is under 120. I’m sure this bot will be a truly efficient hurdler with that fast telescoping arm. Good luck this weekend!

Is the surgical tubing there so the arm doesn’t fall forward?

Looks to me like it aids the motors in lifting the arm from ball-pickup position to hurdling position…

That darn pink team has done it again…:rolleyes:

Manly yes, but I like it too.

(anyone want to take a guess where that comes from? It’s also a pun on an upcoming holiday. :smiley: )

Rock on, pink!

Ah, yes, that makes sense. Beautiful.

That is some incredibly low ground clearance! At least it looks that way.

Nice robot. =)

Looks like another awesome robot from the PINK team.
I look forward to seeing it in Hawaii.

'bots look sexy in pink :wink: Lol in all seriousness that has to be the coolest bot I’ve seen all year. I wish you the best of luck!!!

THE PINK TEAM always builds one of the best looking bots in the country! And they preform even better than they look. by the way how many hours on the water jet machine to make the frame and tower? good luck in the Florida regional, hope to see you at Atlanta or IRI.

that robot looks like it can take a good beating. I was just wondering does it have trouble going over the bumps on the track that are next to the divider?

I love the grabber, is that timing belt that moves the grabber wheels? Its hard to tell, even when zooming in all the way :stuck_out_tongue: I also like the surgical tubing pulley system for keeping the igus chain in the back of the tower taunt, very clean and creative.

Seems like the grabber is pretty heavy, myth or fact? In any case, excellent robot once again, if there is one team that’s perfected the telescoping arm, its you guys. Can’t wait to see video of it.

Aha, me thinks I see “Irish Springs” on that robot!

The belt does move the gripper and yes, that manipulator was too heavy, for the extension and 120 lb. weight limit but, has been replaced with a new light weight version that works perfectly