pic: THINK PINK Roccobot 2k9 base electrical work

Electrical ground work done on the base. Very different full completed.

AHHHH:ahh: So many Victors!!! It’s such a beautiful thing!:smiley:

Once again, Pink shows how what an electrical board can be. Color me envious.

That looks great, our bot usually start out looking that good, but by the time we get to a competition, it has lost its good looks.

Hopefully you guys isolate from the chassis and don’t blow everything up with the static issues we’ve been seeing this year.

I always like to see clean wiring. :slight_smile:


very clean wiring setup something thats a completely rare site

From a girl thats on the electrical subteam on the Robettes, it looks clean and very organized. Good work!!
Best of luck in the rest of the season!!

Now if only the rest of it was put together like this in the crate :stuck_out_tongue: . And where’s the LED sensor controls (I think that’s what they were).

hahha…im sure it put together nicely…just like in the pic lol :slight_smile:

I’m very happy/surprised to say that the electrical on our robot is comparable to the PINK team in cleanliness and organization this year.

I like to think that ours is too.

Quite comparable :smiley:

Now THAT is one good looking robot. Or, electrical board at least. Either way, looks good.

The chassis for the cRIO Mobile Device Controller and the supplied camera have
grounded enclosures. Under this rule (and for their protection), it is REQUIRED that
they be electrically isolated from the ROBOT frame when installed on the ROBOT.

Under <R41>.

It’s isolated, don’t worry, even if it doesn’t look like it.


I’m not quite sure about your cRio Ziptie Mounting Method, though…:wink:

well they put all day Thursday and most of Friday re-assemblinging Roccobot 2k9. They then had fix programming problems. I bet that by the time nationals comes around, they’ll have worked out the bugs and be picking teams for an alliance that will make an Einstein appearance, instead of a 2nd pick.