pic: THINK PINK Teaser 02

Another picture to get you thinking pink… ooh… ahh


Tell that man to keep his dirty hands off your nice, clean robot!

Beautiful Machining, The color is quite… BRIGHT.

I love how clean THINK PINK’s bots look. the wiring is neet and everything looks like it fits perfectly in place.

That sprocket is awesome!

seems like a ot of people are doing a three-stage lift, yours looks very nice though.assuming thats what it is. But it is a very nice-looking machine.

:slight_smile: thats what happens when we take the time to design the entire thing before we build it.

i’m glad you all like is so far… and those “dirty hands” belong one of the mentors who we’d be nothing without; tis Andy Bradley, who won the Woodie Flowers award at the NYC Regional last year.

Thank you very much. it’s actually a bit brighter than 2k4. last year’s bot was neon, this one is more bight. :smiley:

…and yeah… that sprocket has got to be one of my favorite parts of the bot this year… :slight_smile:

You all somehow made the robot more PINK? How PINK can one robot get? How are you all ever going to make it PINKer next year?

Rocobot…We can build it… we have the technology…better than it was before… Better…stronger…faster… more PINK


I am in awe! the only thing that I can force my mind to think about (besides writing this) is the gear ratio. Might it be a 5:1 ?

interesting sprocket…any reason you only have teeth every other link?

We have that question answered on this thread if you would like to read. I think it will answer the question.

who would have thought that a pink robot would look so awesome? (and, if it is like any of your previous bots, operate so well?)