pic: THINK PINK Teaser 03

Ground Clearance - 0.5"

lol, can we just see a picture of the entire robot arldy? :smiley:

Agreed, tell that camera man to back up!

I don’t think I can see a single part on that robot that was not made with tools. It looks as though even those gearbox spacers are lathed (and CNC, I imagine because of the number of them). It really must be amazing to have your robot taken exactly from CAD to construction.

cant say much from the pictures, but what i can say is that robot has got to look kool. very sleek look. i like it!

So… pink.
Looks like some crazy precision machining though :cool:

In time my friends, in time you will see the oh so so so pink roccobot.

wow LOW clearings and great color choice