pic: THINK PINK Teaser 07

Tada! Full pic of the robot taken on February 13, 2006. Expect an updated picture coming soon (in pink vision and more completed).

I don’t understand. Explain!


you will come to understand in due time… dont worry. :slight_smile: new pictures with it being completed and PINK! are coming soon!!

Thats a nice piece of machinary…

Wow a very nice robot from PINK yet again. Yet the hopper still has me, maybe im just missing something.

i think they’re adding a screw type device or something
and that large, new CIM on the bottom thats mounted vertically rotates the middle, so the screw will turn and push stuff up. i might also have lexan or something added to it

Just a guess. ANd as a question, are you guys using hobby chain again this year??

Another beautiful machine! I can’t wait to see this thing all buttoned up, it looks very interesting. Does Andy do the designing? I’m curious if when the first ball gets to the top, do you have to stop the spinning column or will they continue to bunch up at the top? then I assume theres a gate that unblocks the feed up to the shooter. Also I’m curious if you had a chance to prototype this or is it just now getting action? You guys are incredible, hope to see you tommorow!

We like to call it the “CIMzilla”

Something is missing… Something, important. Those balls aren’t going up… or down just around the spinner. Its got to be a corkscrew sheet or ramps for those balls to ride on. There also is a collector missing from the front. The amount of machining on this bot though is absolutely incredible. Look at the side plates holding the drive train in place. Its been cut to different depths to give it a skeleton.

I think they are going to “riffle” the outer rings with spiraling rails. Then when a ball enters the center turns and the balls roll themselves up to the gun. At any rate, a most beautiful bot. :smiley:

I do believe so.

I am sorry but Andy Bradley does not do the designing. The students come up with the concept, and the mentors help the students make it happen. We only have one NASA mechanical engineer who helped us out and his name is Greg (forgot last name). Another person who helps us out tremendously is machinist at the NASA prototype lab who is known as Mike Dininny (he has been with the team since the beginning). We also have a few other individuals who help us out, but what I really need to do is to answer your question (before I get off topic). :slight_smile: All these individuals are very dedicated and the team is extremely thankful for them to help us out every year.

Hopefully we will have some team representatives to come by and check you guys out today. Unfortunately, the robot still has a lot of work to be done.

You guys no offense or anything but u gave out SO many teasers and now you show your whole robot that it was a waste to post so many teasers because we all know what your robot looks like and we have been able to no for like a week since your last teaser no offense again