pic: This is a Real 1147 Meal.


This is a common meal at 1147. We take both a physical and mental break. What better way for a nerd to rest than eating pizza, drinkng Coke and playing Star Munchkin.

Star Munchkin! I’ve only played the original Munchkin. How’s the gameplay compare?

Ow…this meal is very common in FRC seasson…the 1860 and 1382 brazilians teams…knows this very well


Costco pizza? =P

We’ve had that for like two meals now, but other days have been some really sweet meals. We have some really dedicated moms who cook for us, even though our team has at least 40 people here at a given time. It’s great.

We have homecooked meals every night, thanks to the Parent Boosters, Engineers, Teachers, and Collegiate Mentors who sign up to bring in dinner every day of the week until ship date wooooooo.

Although we’ve been on an Italian kick lately…HOW MANY MEATBALLS CAN ONE MAN BE EXPECTED TO CONSUME IN THE COURSE OF ONE WEEK??? :ahh:

This is a trick question - infinity cannot be defined as a fixed quantity. Just like Pi is not an integer.

You guys have time to play Munchkin? We’re far too busy for play these days. sigh. But, it’s coming together nicely.

Pizza, roast turkey, grilled chicken, pasta & meatballs, chili… even pancakes & sausage (with real maple syrup!) for breakfast this morning… Our Parents association keeps us in great foor with a wonderful variety.


Just the fact that you can correctly identify this as Cosco pizza scares me!:stuck_out_tongue:

We have had many home cooked meals as well, but with just 12 members it’s not too bad. We too have some awesome family’s supporting us!

Props to all the parents etc. that are supporting our teams!

We have plenty of time to go home and eat real food. By plenty of time I mean 5/6 days out of the week until the final week and a half. That’s when we start to lose sleep. But then again… We do things differently around here.

We brought in a six foot sub from the subway across the street. I’ve never seen so much lettuce in my life.