pic: This is How WE Cut. hahaha.


How we cut.

Pelco Worldwide Headquarters, Clovis, CA

Nice… What are the overall abilities…

Reminds me of some of the shops here at Northrop that cut for us sometimes.

What exactly does the facility do though.

Is that the same Pelco that produces security cameras? I’ve been installing a few PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras at a night club in downtown DC for my job, and they all are a Pelco brand. Is it the same company? or do you not know.

If so, small world.

haha yup it sure is. they have over 8 HUGE buildings, all with different purposes of course. In that building it is where they manufacture all the metal(aluminum) casing and plastic molds (the black domes that cover the actual camera and what not). They also do their powder coat painting, as well as silk screening. We have pretty much every possible resource their. We can draw design up in cad, and have a robot cut out pieces to our robot! It’s incredible.

During Robotics season that little space shown their in the picture pretty much becomes ours. If we need anything welded, we can walk over and weld it real quick or what not. We just started our partnership with them last year, and it has been great!

Can’t wait til this season!!