pic: This is how we do it in Minnesota

One of our members got stuck in the parking lot, two of us ran out and pushed his car up to a parking space. Snow is 3-4" deep so far. We may have to use a tow strap to get a few of the member’s sedans unstuck.

Today in West Michigan we got heavy snow after a week of sun, then freezing ran right after.

That’s how we do it in michigan too. Except in michigan it was warm when I left my house (no coat) and snowing as I left the build room.

ya it sucked i did the same thing…but i was riding a bike

I woke up and it was sunny out, green grass, no snow. After a few hours of Chief Delphi, I look outside and there is a blizzard. Gotta love Michigan! :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly that is the way it was when i went to work. not a very fun drive home in white out conditions!

Gotta love the Midwest weather… People in Michigan are tough though!! 6 inches so far and the weatherman just said to expect several more inches in the middle of the night.


A few hours later I opened my door and this is what I saw.

There was about three inches when I left the shop for dinner today, and 4-5 inches (total) when I left the shop at the end of the work session. There’s a slight incline to the driveway of our parking lot, and I was scared of getting stuck while trying to turn out onto the street. I was cursing Michigan the entire way home, and I’m on the EAST side of the state!

Cleaning off the top of my car before putting it into the garage was the most fun part, though. Possibly the only day I’ve ever wished that I had to park in the driveway overnight.

Down here in Texas today it was a cool 70°f

The Michigan TV weathermen missed another chance to scream about the end of the world, snow-mageddon, etc. Just a calm scroll going across the bottom of the screen every once in a while informing us of a winter weather warning.

My wife saw that the city declared a snow emergency, so we had to go brush 6" of snow off the cars and move them all up into the driveway. Then brush another 3" off when I took my daughter to work this morning.

Well, at least we didn’t get ice in SE Mich.

Been the snowiest winter on record here in Massachusetts. 6 days of no school since kickoff. I still have 2 1/2 feet of standing snow in my yard.