pic: This is our robot as of last night. Alot more should get done this week now that things are in place

This is our robot partly made, there is still much more to go. The gripper is still going through a lot of design changes and will be mounted on the end of the tube. 6WD with rocker.

That’s like a huge diameter tube to use on the arm. Is that the final stage or is there going to be more after that?

It seems like if there was more, the window motor probably can’t handle the load very quickly.

tracks or 4wd?

I spy a Colson wheel in the background, so I’m assuming it’s a 4wd w/ colsons.

Looks very nice and clean. I too am wondering about that massive bazooka tube for an arm. As it sits right now, it can’t reach the floor, so I’m guessing that it either telescopes or has a wrist that’s yet to be added.

I guess your electrical guys are pretty quick. They need their cables fed at 400rpm! :slight_smile:


The Tube is 3" diameter .125" wall. A bit overkill but after the cheesing it only weights 3lbs. There will be a grabber on the end of the tube.

We tested out the window motors and they will me powerful enough to run the arm. We will have one more added on the other side, and it will be geared down a little bit. And because there is no back dive, it helps with moving the arm.


He said 6WD. I’m hoping there’s another border piece on the exposed side to support the other side of the tranny shaft. Otherwise… ick. Seeing a shaft loaded like that seriously distresses me.

It looks like there are mounting holes on either end of the robot for another piece outside the shaft.


unless they’ve changed the outside (which is entirely possible) this post of their CAD earlier seems to show that it is indeed supported on both sides

How what weight class is your robot in? Can it reach the top spider?
Looks good man.

Sweet! what weight class is ur robot?

As of right now, it fits in the 120lbs / 4ft class. It’s supposed to be able to reach the top goal, but we won’t know until we build the grabber onto its end.

There will be a bracket mounted on the outside of the wheels, and there will be a lowered middle wheel. The general design is the same, but the grabber looks different. Functionaly it’s supposed to be the same though.


I’m not sure I understand how that will fit in the 72" limit. If your arm is 50" long and the bot is 38" then you will be 88" in total (of course I’m just guessing).

The rule states that the robot must fit inside the 72"x72" box. It also states the orientation doesn’t matter. Now, if you put the robot on the diagonal of that box, with the two corners touching the sides of the box, and the arm extended all the way out, it is about 45" long from where it breaks the plane of the robot. That fits inside the box. For more info, check the thread about R12 in the Rules and Strategy forum.


Are those the banebot transmissions?

How efficient have you guys determined they are?

kool about how much longer do u think it will be tell u get done:confused:

Yes these are banebot transmissions. I did not run the robot yet, but i am confident that they will run just well. I will let you know how well they work as soon as i get parts to finish the robot.

We had planned to get the entire drivetrain done after the second week of build, but because of a mix up when order parts from mcmaster, we much make another order and wait until they come in. I will post pics when we get this done.

I plan to have a plate on the end, but did not plan to support the ends of the shafts. This was something that had also been bugging me for a while. I am thinking about making some kind of pillow block which will mount on to the side plate.

My original idea was to put the wheels as close to the gearboxes as i could so that most of the load would be on the bearings and not the shaft. Because i had never tried this before i was unsure how it would turn out.


That would only be if the arm were sticking straight up in the air. Most likely, the arm will be at an angle when deployed, reducing its height off the ground.

For example, at a 30 degree angle, the arm would only add 25" to the 38" height you mentioned. This team is probably within the rules.

Wow!:slight_smile: That looks really good!

Good luck