pic: This is the change Frank was talking about.

Domino’s? Dang, we’re in for a rough year.

Domino’s?! Pineapples?!?!
The horror!

So the 2015 game will be called “It’s Fast or It’s Free!”

Scoring cycle: Robot1 takes a fresh pizza from HP1 and flips it into a waiting box, which Robot2 has received from HP2. Robot2 rushes through traffic and hands the box off to Robot3, who delivers it to HP3. Volunteers eat the pizza, and the box is returned to midfield, starting a new cycle. Triple points for a cycle faster than 30 seconds.

Field reset, anyone? :slight_smile:

And the winner gets a free pizza party to go with it’s blue banner.

Wait. Hawaiian Pizza. Dominos? Please no. Unless we’re recycling it…

To be honest, I only used dominos because it was the closest pizza box shape I didn’t have to overly distort to look good. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the pineapple change. It’s my team’s programming team’s favorite type of pizza.

We’ve started on this years code and we wanted to publish it to ensure we can use it on this years robot:

public class PizzaThrower extends Subsystem {
    public void throwPizza(Pizza pizza) {
        if (!pizza.toppings.contains(PizzaTopping.PINEAPPLE)) {
            // WE NEED THE PINEAPPLE

        startRippleGenerator(); // to scare the fish
        enableOven(); // to ensure the pizza is fully cooked
        flyToElevation(1); // meters
        swim(2); // meters

Hopefully this helps everyone out with the pizza water flying game :slight_smile:

Teams would really learn how to “serve” the community.

maybe we’re building the best pizza dough spinning robot…

That explains the long game piece coming with KOP…its the long handled Pizza Peel!