pic: This is what happens when a mentor goes to Kentucky...

A mentor from 1646 had a trip to Kentucky, where he was able to find 29 new Orbit balls, bringing the team total to 33. Mike Diaz and Ryan Dognaux are the models.

im so jealouso :frowning:

i want 33 orbit balls

Holy Crap! If only I could get to Kentucky.

Lol that is quite a few to have

Road trip to kentucky! Lets go, who’s comming?:wink:

Hahah and I thought the forsyth alliance got all the balls in the south east! :-p

:ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

…and to think I have yet to lay my hands on even a SINGLE orbit ball!

I must say that having a team in the south east is a nice treat. We were able to buy ~30 balls without much hassle at all. And even decided to leave a bunch in the stores a bit further away so if teams wanted to road trip to use they could.

Hopefully in the future we will have the same problems as everyone else in the country when there are loads of teams in this area. I would be more then willing to trade not having so many game balls for having a few more teams in the area.

What? No Blue Grass?

Haha I love it when everyone is taking pictures and I don’t know who to look at.

Also, our Caterpillar sponsor is basically awesome for finding all of these balls.

I know you probably mean something else, Don - punster that you are but - it reminded me of the beauty of Kentucky. The grass really is beautiful. And the horses. It’s a great state.

Kentucky, the land of plenty

im in! used to live just south of the KY border! lol

So much Kentucky…yet so few FRC teams! There has only been 1 KY team for the past several years, this year 3 rookies will emerge. It’s been awesome to see so much support coming from teams in surrounding states :slight_smile:

There does seem to be quite a few orbit balls at every Wal-Mart we go to.

  • Mike

We’re very excited to see more Kentucky teams popping up now and will be glad to help you all with whatever you need at the Boilermaker Regional!

Man, we have like 6 balls :frowning:

we share your pain. weve spent hours on the phones with various walmarts and driven up and down new jersey and we only have come up with 6 orbit balls

I got 16 by calling up a Walmart off of the list on Bill’s Blog in an area where I knew there were not many nearby teams.

We made 18 out of polycarb for packaging and human player practice. These are much more durable than the real ones.

My recommendation would be to call up Walmarts in Arkansas. There are very few FRC teams and a whole bunch of Walmarts. Or contact Baxter Bomb Squad and make it worth there while.

We have 12, but are trying to help other teams in the Tulsa district find them and aquire them

Fumbles around trying to make orbit balls That’s it! I’m moving my highschool to Kentucky

I know that the Rapid City, SD Walmart was listed as having 2. Previously, they had 3. I think they’ve got zero, because I got two there last week. Those are heading for L.A.

I’d have also raided the one in Spearfish, SD, but it’s out of my range.