pic: This is what happens......


This is what happens when you challenge me to race you on the giant inflateable racing thing…and your own team members sabotage it and beat you up in the back where no one can see!! This is honestly one of the best pictures of him messed up, he looked REALLY bad the next day!
I love you corey!!

Sorry, Corey, we just had to share that photo… Hope you face has healed by now!

Can anyone explain what happened?? :]

Yeah, I mean… wow.

What infatable race thing? :slight_smile:

At the party, corey challenged me to race him, then his LOVING teammates made a plan, and hid in the back. Once we raced, they had one lookout and multiple “thugs” who once signaled to, attacked corey.:stuck_out_tongue: It was funny, everyone who didn’t know what was going on, was confused when it took him like 3 minutes to come out.

Wait, what? His teammates were actually beating him up? I must misunderstand…

Can I guess that this was at the team party in Atlanta and that it was during the first hour of the party?

If it was, did you bleed all over the inflatable race thingy at the end on the right side as you are going through it?

I’d give it, within the first 3 hours, because 571 stayed in the pits awhile and then the line was so long, but i was worth it…

Um…it was more of a “love beating” from the rest of the seniors on his team, much like a “we are going to miss you” or maybe miss hitting him, lol! It was all in good fun, i promise.
and no, he didn’t really bleed at all, let alone all over the inflatable thing

he did bruise the next day though, he looked pretty bad…good thing i was the one racing him

This is what happens… …when you go rock climbing on Pikes Peak at high altitude, your feet get caught in a crack, your hands can’t find a hold and you pivot about your feet to do a face plant on a rock face 6 feet or so below your feet.

Thank God there was an occular plastic surgeon in the hospital by chance as I pulled in to the ER.

This photo was taken by the surgeon after cleaning me up but just before he started sewing.

He did a pretty good job I suppose since I don’t seem to scare small children any more often than I used to.

Joe J.http://www.chiefdelphi.com/pics/bin/108679207658.jpg


that looks ALOT worse than coreys scrapes. but i feel bad for both of you.

yup i learned my lesson never challenge lisa to a race…

and it was alot worse the second day when everything brusied up and scabbed over that was much worse… Ended up with alot of funny looks going through the airport the next day.

did anyone get a picture of you like that?? I mean, there has to be one…somewhere…

ooo, ouch on both of those, a mountian and some great teammates, both very dangerous it would appear.

Oh my gosh! :ahh: I hope you feel better!!! Wow, that’s pretty bad…You got pretty lucky there mate. Be careful next time!!

ehhh… that doesn’t look too good… hope u guys r alright :smiley: