pic: This opened our Graduation.

As if right on queue, the shuttle launched right on time, which is rather rare for the shuttle. It truly was a once in a lifetime moment. Only a handful of schools in the world can even see the shuttle go off, and to have it open my graduation is just incredible.

Great graduation backdrop. Good luck to the Class of 2008 and remember:
The sky’s the limit! (or is it?!) :rolleyes:

That’s a very impressive and memorable graduation !

Wow, it’s pretty cool that NASA did that for you guys. Must’ve been the robotics team that set that up, eh? :wink:


Yes we raises some where like $400 million to set that up. :smiley:

aww…you should have let Pink help, i think Cocoa Beach and Rockledge would have jumped in on the opportunity to graduate under a Space Shuttle :wink: