pic: This should do the trick

Wow. We are upgrading to thicker tubing, but not THAT thick. I guess there’s no harm though using thicker stuff, might as well.

Tell us how it goes!

Holy thickness Batman!

I see you’ve discovered speargun tubing.

“Tubing” being used lightly of course.


We picked up some after a recommendation and found the results to be pretty impressive compared to your usual surgical tubing. Amazon has a nice selection in a wide variety of lengths.

picked up some for our shooter… before every team in the world picks the shelves clean :slight_smile:

At that point, why not simply go for solid? Though then its not technically tubing…

Looks like a nice upgrade to our current black surgical tubing.
Instead of knocking the lights out, we could shoot a hole through the roof.

LOL. Yeah this is 19mm diam “tube” for a spear gun. Good news is that it is simple to use seeing as you don’t have to tie it off you can use the inserts specifically made for spear guns. In our case, we can now wind thin diameter spear gun rope around a drum instead of the entire tubing to make the shooter variable.

I hope by “Inserts specifically made for spear guns” you do not mean the Spear itself :stuck_out_tongue:

That is some beefy whiz-wah

nah :D, I mean these…


I thought that was BBD for a second…

It’s pretty much a rubber rod. My team has a roll of it, too.

Glenn, what diameter of black surgical tube are you guys using?

bEdhEd, what size are y’all using?

Bummer…we thought we were the only ones using speargun tubing. :cool:

lol, how thick are you guys using, I am beginning to think this is too thick (maybe)

We just finished prototyping our linear rail gun shooter in PIC below.
It uses two lengths of not quite as big, tubing (one on each side) to power our ram.

The hole in middle is useful for end inserts to to anchor tubing and transition to end elements. The extreme wall thickness makes it hard to prevent inserts from slipping out. We ended up having to add a nylon insert nut to our threaded H/W ends to prevent H/W from slipping out past hose clamp at extreme (3X) extension levels.

More info at this thread:


-Dick Ledford