pic: This stack goes to up to 11!

Very cool.
According to my calculations, that stack is valued at a whopping 42 points.


Assuming the 7th tote is above the backstop, it is worth 12 points.

If we assume the backstop is infinitely tall without more levels above level six, it would be worth 52 points (22 tote, 24 container, 6 litter).

If we assume the backstop is infinitely tall with more levels above level six, it would be worth 72 points (22 tote, 44 container, 6 litter).

I count 12. None of the totes above 6 score because they are above the backstop, thus the bin is not “supported by only scored gray totes” and is worth 0. Better off making your six-stacks, but this is really cool.

While obviously illegal that is pretty cool 885. Very few teams could pull that off from a skills perspective.

Cool! If they can do this, they should have absolutely no problems putting together a bunch of capped and noodled 6-tote stacks at their next event.

I’m one of the mentors for Team 885.

We know this isn’t really a scoring opportunity; we did it JUST FOR FUN!

Yes, the robot did it, not very quickly of course.

Woah woah woah, we do robotics for fun? xD

Now that’s pretty sweet!

No clue why everyone has to take this so technically. This clearly isn’t serious. Nice job, and glad to see that you’re having fun. I’m excited to see your robot in action. Good luck!

Very cool! But I’m glad I wasn’t there to help you take it down :slight_smile: I’m barely tall enough to help with a six stack!

they would still be scored because they are on a scoring platform

Not illegal, it just doesn’t count for much (as pointed out in other posts).

They’d probably have to bring the Ultimate Ascent nets back to the field perimeter if robots were able to stack them that high. Very cool!

But they’re over the top of the backstop, which is specifically listed as no tote points, and then you get the RC not on a scored tote–I do believe that there are no fewer than 5 unscored totes between the RC and the uppermost scored tote–which invalidates both the RC and the litter.

The real question though: Can you guys do 12, or are you already trying to put a hole in the ceiling?

The only we could get the stack back down safely was to use the bot again to unstack it.

GrifBot is exactly right - we were just having fun, not scoring for points.
The drive team was just practicing skills and decided to see how high they could stack.
Truth be known, they stopped at 11 totes because that’s all the totes we had.

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885 made a capped stack 11 totes high. Why? Because of course they did.


Reason why I do my best to hold back any form of humor whatsoever during discussions on this forum.