pic: this was Andy Baker??


Well, I stumbled upon this picture and thought that I would share it. It was from back in 2002 I believe. I thought it was a pretty good picture of Andy. I can't remember whether or not this was once on CD before, but shrugs I thought it was good enough to upload.

gahahahahahaaha!! I remember this night. This picture was taken after IRI organizers meeting at Perry Meridian High School (Cyber Blue 234) in 2002. We went to eat dinner at Joe’s Crabshack and we found out that it was Andy’s birthday. Apparently as part of birthday celebrations, they get to be part of the show and Andy was some kind of female and he was chased/ he chased a guy around the resturant. That was such a fun night, and I know Andy remembers it! :smiley:

Wasn’t he the princess that had to be saved by the knight? I have another picture, but it’s on my 2nd hard drive that I left at school.

Who’s a pretty princess Andy? Who’s a pretty princess…

I knew Andy was nuts, but geez… a princess???

Looking back at the older pictures…

John & Josh:
Andy has nothing on the looks of the princess in this picture… I guess he’ll have to settle for second place in this contest :wink:

Oooo and Im 90% sure I was the photographer of that pic… :yikes:

runs :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah… that was a fun night. Everyone thought that it would be really funny to tell the waiter that it was my birthday (since it was), so they could make a fool out of me. Little did they know that I could care less about being a fool. :slight_smile:

Andy B.

Aww…thanks Bill. :slight_smile:

Andy…I thought it was a good picture to bring up. I’m glad it was such a memorable night. :stuck_out_tongue:

That brings up a good question: Which is worse, being the fool or being the person trying to make a fool of a fool??? :wink:

Quote (Star Wars, A New Hope. Obi Wan to Solo):
"Who is more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him? "

This quote fit perfectly, and I am a Star Wars buff, so I had to insert this worthless bit into this discussion.


I like the pink boa Andy, nice touch … :stuck_out_tongue:

And ohh … to answer the question … I think that the fool who isn’t a fool is the biggest fool. :ahh: Didn’t make sense? Well it may someday!