pic: This was on the field for the entire match

Semifinal 1-1 at the Oklahoma regional. There was no field fault called and the match was not replayed. The score was tied at 311 with blue winning due to 1 more autonomous point than red. Higher quality: http://i.imgur.com/TbW6axm.jpg

But how?

I cannot fathom how this got past the MC introductions.

At SMR last year, we had a match played with a flag on the field the entire time. No replay. Not sure how much it affected gameplay.

Just be glad there wasn’t a Roomba under your bridge.

I was the FTAA at this event. We noticed the box about 2 seconds into autonomous. We also watched it the entire match, and determined that it had no impact on the match, and therefore did not constitute a replay.

Do you recall how the red robots were arranged for the start of that match? Was one of them near the cardboard bin?

At Sacramento this weekend I had to stop a match from being started by yelling “WAIT” as loudly as I could multiple times from the sidelines because of this same incident. It’s an easy thing to miss if you’re not looking for it.

Near, but not contacting. Only interaction with the bin was one minor bump which obviously has next to no effect on a drivetrain. Intestingly enough, you almost couldn’t see the thing from behind the wall, which was another reason I personally felt like it had no game impact. Can’t see it-It won’t subconsciously change your driving style.

There is a specific Match Start Procedure. When all the conditions have been met, its pretty hard to stop a match from starting.

I hate the be “that guy” but the primary MC at SMR was not very observant and didn’t even wear safety glasses half the time even after reminding him constantly.

But I did want to say that it might have been my fault and I’m really sorry!! The main MC (can’t remember his name, but not Patrick) kept getting me/the MC assistant to wave the flags even though I had zero idea what I was doing and I’m sure I missed some.

Also, there were two new MCs being trained at Rocket City and they kept missing flags because they were in the corners (some weren’t though so I’m not really sure how you can miss a bright purple/blue/green object directly next to the team’s number) and kept having to be reminded.

They do have a lot to do and pay attention to so I get that but it can be pretty detrimental if they forget something on the field.

I’m the driver from team 2795 and it was unnoticeable from the side driver position but our alliance members did notice it was on the field and tried to stop the match. Also what you can’t see is at the beginning of operator control one of blue alliances robots broke one of the dividers for the gear springs on our side.

As an emcee and game announcer, I’m aware of the procedures haha. The thumbs were up all around, drivers were already told to get behind the lines. I just shouted as loudly as I could from the sidelines until people behind the scorers table could hear me. It’s a good thing my natural speaking voice is already extremely loud - it made my shouts audible from across the field. :slight_smile:

But it can be done. A thumbs down and “hold on a second” from near the scorer’s table can work wonders.

Let me amend my first statement.

There is a specific Match Start Procedure. When all the conditions have been met, its pretty hard to stop a match from starting. Unless you’re the FTA

I’m not… and it still worked.

Pretty much all you have to do is get the FTA’s attention that there’s something wrong.

Hmmm… So, if you knock that in front of the other alliance’s feeding zone is it not a violation of G21 since it’s not a game piece??

Ding ding ding, we have a winner.

No G21, but now we get a foghorn because the box is having an impact on the match.

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At a competition I attended, the field reset crew would place a stack of three gears (meant for pre-loading robots during set-up) in front of the feeder stations within the field of play. If Team XYZ decided not to load a gear into the robot, the leftover gear (or stack in some cases) were left in front of the feeder station at the start of the match.

This was a mistake; and with so much to reset in this game (balls, purple lights, green lights, gears, airships, ropes, extra people on the field) bad habits turned into a recurring mistake. Prior to three of my team’s 12 matches, I pointed out the leftover gears to the referee, and they were removed. I am not sure what would have happened if they were left during eliminations, because surely they could inhibit access to the loading stations.

What’s more is the score! Honestly I’d feel awful if I were the field reset guy who did that.