pic: Three in a Row!

1024 Would like to thank:

1114, 2041, 111, 876, 1126, 1386, and 2048 for their fantastic assistance in all of our regionals! Three wins in a row! :smiley:

We’ve really enjoyed playing with you all, and hope that as many of you as possible will be in our division in Atlanta.

Thanks again,


What a year for you guys!


You guys are awsome! I love the “school office decked out in FIRST” look, I think it fits you guys well. :smiley:

That’s a fantastic achievement 1024!
Congrats for a great job!

great job guys, good luck in Atlanta.

GREAT JOB 1024!!!

I wanted to thank you guys thinking of us (1001) when you were thinking of your picks.

It ment a lot coming from a great team like you!

I almost wish we would have lost some more rounds just so we were not so high ranked so you could have picked us…LOL;) But I am really glad you won! your robot was the best one & is showed when you won with no help from 1126 in the last round…

Good luck the rest Of this year!


I feel as if Beatty will be seeing some competition in a few years for the most championships won, this team deserves to win the big one!

Very nice indeed. Congrats on an awesome robot, its really great to see a team improve so much over 1 year. Hope to see you on Einstein. That would be awesome to watch.

:yikes: Its a miracle how our team (2048) helped out! I can’t believe we made it!
Congrats team 1024 you guys are AWESOME!! and congrats to 1126 and 1386 you guys are great!

You are a worthy adversary. It was a great experience playing against you at Mid-West. I can’t wait to see you guys in Atlanta.

I haven’t seen the matches, but even if 2048 deliberatly smashed 1024’s robot, comments suggesting that a team didn’t deserve a win are not a good idea here.

GP, everyone.

It takes three robots to win a regional. Be polite and respectful to other teams, posts like this only hurt your image and your teams image.

Congratulations to 1024 on a very successful season.

Unfortunately, sorry doesn’t cut it here. 2048 deserves their medals as much as any team on our alliance or any alliance.

That “1 time” you casually mention was critical. Our robot was stuck in the fence and we couldn’t move. 2048 rammed us with perfect timing to get us free and continue to play the first round of the finals match. 2048’s ramming was not an accident or a mistake, but a well executed strategic move.

Considering how our robot got damaged in the match after that (extreme collision), if we wouldn’t have had them there to help us off the wall and we lost the first round of finals, we would have had to run the remaining two matches… that third match may have been too much for our machine in it’s state.

Also, we had some close matches, and the points that 2048 made running those perfect, PENALTY FREE (great job girls!) runs around the track eeked our alliance further to the end.

2048 was definitely an alliance contributor.

Thanks again to 1126 and 1386 as well!


p.s. 1126/Sparx: What happened to you guys in the final final? I suddenly realized I never asked afterwards.

Wow…way to post that on a forum that gives you and your team an image (and a bad one right now at that). Keep that kind of stuff to yourself. All teams that participate work their hardest and like it was said, the ramming in that 1 round was useful to the alliance.

What an incredible accomplishment. Our team has never done more than one regional, and I don’t think we’d have the stamina to go to three regionals… and still be able to pull off three wins. I really wish my team could have played with (or even against) you guys- I’m looking forward to seeing you play in Atlanta. Congrats!

strange… your TBA badge says you were Semifinalists at Buckeye…:confused:

They haven’t finished entering all the matches/scores for Buckeye yet.


Congrats on joining the three regional wins club, its quite a list: 47, 1114, 1503, and 1024.

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