pic: Three in a Row!

2048 i am again so thankful that you were there for our alliance!!! I am sorry that we had to take 1386 out though. 1024 thank you guys so much for picking us and working with us, i will make sure to stop by in Atlanta! As an update the cell in our battery blew in the last match. The strange thing was, this had happened previously on friday.

Congrats to 1126, 1024, 2048 and 1386! You guys played a great regional. Good luck in Atlanta!

Best team of 08…1024 will be on Einstin no doubt.

Glad to hear 1126 took a victory.

excellent post on your part qbranch

How I saw it was that 2048 did a lot more than run laps and push 1024 off the wall. They were the team that let the alliance move onto the finals by running the laps penalty free and doing as asked while 1126 and 1024 had issues. If you really think of it, they did a lot more and I am proud of those girls. They were actually the only robot on the alliance (i know it was a short time for them) that actually ran every match as intended without any issue. Early in the regional I was looking into a few teams for the third round, one of them was the 2048 girls. When i first heard that they were being bumped into the alliance, I got all excited. It was a intense elimination tournament and I could not have guessed how things would turn out on Thursday.

Good Lord. You can score hat tricks in FIRST!?!

Team 2048 you are the best! Normally teams slowly work
up to the finals and Wow you just suddenly were there
and you didn’t panic but were REALLY COOL AND COLLECTED.
I enjoyed shaking all of your hands after we took the picture
together. I think you should know our Scouts had 2048 on our
pick list as a solid stable point maker with a guaranteed 4 point
Autonomous. You definitely had the right stuff.

Thanks for taking the advice of our team coach Marc on the
field and ramming us off that wall. I think we all saw what
happens in FIRST when multiple teams turn into an ALLIANCE!

I wish everyone continued success in their upcoming Regionals
and please stop by our pit at Nationals.

1126 sorry about your battery. As we all know anyone can
break:ahh: At Midwest we caught on fire and our Robot Controller
decided it might be a toaster oven control ( failed ) at Purdue.
(WE put the fire out in Chicago! ha-ha and changed the brain in Purdue.)

Happy mentor from Kil-a- bytes.
P.S. did anyone notice that 2048 is the next of power of two up from 1024?


Congratulations 1024! We loved being around you in ATL last year, and now I know why! What a dangerous team to mess with! Look out Beatty and all the big names!

Can’t wait to see you guys in Atlanta. =)

Excellent job 1024!!! This is a huge accomplishment! I saw your robot play on the webcasts. It is a great design! I really hope we can meet up in the same championship division!

Three in a row ,way to go!!! Do i hear FOUR? Hope to be able to play with or aginst your awsome bot hopefully with at IRI. GOOD LUCK at championships.

Great job 1024! You guys have accomplished an incredible thing. I would like to thank you guys a ton for picking us to be on your alliance in the finals. It was such an honor to be in your alliance and to work with you guys. I would also like to thank 2048 for helping us out a ton and would also like to thank 1386 for joining us in the finals. The Buckeye Regional was so much fun! Again great job 1024 and thanks to our alliance partners in the finals 1024, 1386, and 2048!

Like Dylan mentioned before…In qualification match #59 we had an issue with our battery. When we got back we tested it and found out that the cell went bad. Then with another new battery in Finals match #2 we had the same issue. That battery tested for a bad cell also. No clue how that happened but we are looking into it.

we had one bad battery that couldn’t deliver a current(it was at the full 13 volts, and the robot worked when it was on the cart, but it couldnt drive on the carpet), so we sharpied “bad” all over it and never used it again. unfortunately, we couldnt do anything in a few of our practice rounds cuz we used that one bad battery… we’re thinking the plates inside got shattered or something.

Congratulations!!! Your team was amazing to work with in Midwest. After seeing how you performed there, it’s no surprise to us that victories have kept coming.

See you in Atlanta.

That is a truly amazing thing to accomplish!

Congratulations on your win at Waterloo, Simbotics!

We at 1024 are all hoping we’re in the same division as you all in Atlanta… it would be a pleasure to work with you all again.

Also, I’m just kind of putting this out there to see if there’s interest, I thought it might be fun if all of the teams in our finals alliances got together for lunch or dinner one of the days in atlanta. Any takers?


That would be awesome!

Congrats on the three-peat!! I was watching the broadcast on SOAP and it’s pretty impressive. See you guys in Atlanta!!


Congrats 1024!
It was a pleasure to be allied with you at Midwest and It was good to see your robot in action once more at Boilermaker. I wish you guys the best of luck in Atlanta.

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