pic: Three Robot Stack

As far as I know this is the only 3 Robot Stack in the world. Thanks to our alliance partners 1756 and 4028 for trusting us to do this. On a funny note, Team 4028 thought they were going to be picked by another allienace when the person asked for Team 428 to join them. There wasn’t a Team 428. They then changed their mind and asked for another team entirely. Thank you.

While I’m unsure of when you originally uploaded this, by the time it was approved by CD moderators another “3-robot stack” had occurred in New York. Very different from this one, however.


Wow. Quite an “elegant” setup! :slight_smile:

Was this waved off? Hard to believe that 522 isn’t being held up by the side rail!

1501 completed their 3 robot stack on Saturday at about 3:00 or so. The other “Robot stack” happened Sunday if i am correct.

I know that 2054 can also do this.

We successfully balanced/stacked for each of the 6 elim matches we won. I believe there was one match where 522was supported by the rail and it obviously didn’t count. Just really good driving, coordination and a little creativity between all 3 teams

Wasn’t questioning which actually happened first, but rather the caption for the picture (which states it as the “only”). At the time the pic was originally uploaded, it might have been the only. By the time it actually was approved, it was no longer the only time it occurred.

Very COOL!

Hence the disclaimer “As far as I know” that Wayne used to open his post.

Mind Blown