pic: Three teams one robot

Gracious Professionalism at its best.

Three teams one robot. Members of teams 173 (rage) and team 836 (robobees) spent most of the day Friday and Saturday putting team 1455 back together. Team 1455 had a rough match and basically split their robot in half.

Good Luck team 1455!!

I know that our team members enjoyed being able to help out the other teams that needed assistance this past weekend… isn’t that what it’s all about? :smiley:

This is truly what FIRST is about in my opinion. Its not all about winning or losing its about gracious professionalism and this I think is a perfect example of that. Teams 173 and 836 really stepped out to help a fellow team in need.

which team is being fixed up???

yeah team 173 and 836 basically define gracious professionalism… This is just evidence…

That is team 1455, all of their welds broke that were holding thier robot together

This pic was taken during Friday’s award ceremony. I think that it was most awesome that my other team members were able to work with 173 (RAGE) to try to get the robot for team 1455 up and running.


I’m not sure which team it was… It might even be with 1455… But I know that our engineers went over and helped out a rookie team that broke…

Working with 1455 was an eye opening experience, and fun. We had been helping them out all day, as they had some mechanical, electrical and software issues, and our robot needed minor maintenance, we wanted to help them as much as possible. During their last match on Friday, their entire arm assembly came off the robot (it was welded on, 80/20 to a kit bot frame and 80/20 welded to itself. With almost all the welds broken, a few of our engineers decided angle bracketing them would probably be the best (although we had never really worked with 80/20, we were making it up) and along comes 836 to the rescue, knowing all about 80/20 since they use it. And along with knowledge they brought hardware! (always helpful) together we figured it out and helped put them back together…it was interesting (although some field personnel got angry because it was during awards, but we wanted to help, since we were leaving right after, darn bus) but altogether successful. It was great experience working with 1455 and 836!!

(btw, I’m the girl in the picture)

Its always great to see this at FIRST events. Reminds me of when team 701 helped us repair a shattered gearbox in '03.

This truly defines what FIRST is all about.

You all made me proud. There were so many teams helping so many other teams. Lots of help for the Washington DC team and the British team.
Just a suggestion in the future. No matter how dire the robot situation is, it is rude to be clanging around, hammering and running power tools in the pits during opening, closing or awards ceremonies. The pits need to be closed at this time, everyone should be in the stands. It is a sign of respect.